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Things are constantly evolving in the world of eCommerce and 3PL, and it is important to keep up with key trends in order to keep customers happy. We are already halfway through the year, and we have already seen many emerging trends in logistics and 3PL, with rises in technologies, focuses on sustainability and cyber security.

This blogpost will explore some of the key trends we have seen so far in 2024 in 3PL and logistics, whilst highlighting why your business may benefit from them.


Digitalisation and New Technologies

In the world of logistics, AI and new technologies are beginning to emerge to help analyse data and predict future outcomes. The rise in ChatGPT and other AI forms have been huge over the past two years, and it’s beginning to expand into more areas of logistics. AI is being used for things such as route planning, forecasting for businesses and asset management.

There are works to make AI a huge part of inventory management in many warehouses. It will be used to optimise stock levels and predict the demand of stock. This is extremely useful for the likes of 3PL as they can offer more warehousing space to different businesses and won’t overfill warehouses either.


Becoming More Sustainable

Sustainability is huge trend across all industries at the moment, and is becoming an essential part of all business’s, including 3PL and logistics. People want to work with/buy from sustainable brands and therefore it has been huge in the world of logistics this year. For 3PL’s, it is important to consider many CEO’s prioritise environmental and social aspects into their business , and therefore base decisions (like choosing a 3pl or a supplier) on whether they are sustainable too.

A huge part of this for logistics and transport is there are pressures to reduce the carbon footprint within a supply chain, and due to many vehicles transporting up and down the country, it is important to try and keep the carbon footprint down as much as possible. Things such as changing fuel types or electrical vehicles is on the rise in logistics.


Last-Mile Delivery Innovations

Consumers expect fast, free (or very cheap) and reliable delivery, meaning there is a lot of pressure on logistic providers to get orders out to customers. Last-mile deliver is the final step of the logistics process, and the aim to deliver packages as affordably but also quickly as possible. There has been a lot of innovations in last-mile delivery this year to ensure that customers are satisfied with their deliveries, and this is things such as drones, route planning (to cut delivery times) and local delivery hubs. 3PL’s must ensure they use trusted couriers to send out client’s items, as can keep up with the high volume of orders they may be sending out.


Customisation and Personalisation

E-commerce makes customisation and personalisation a priority in logistics and 3PL services. 3PL’s often offer personalised experiences for e-commerce businesses, including custom packaging, specialised care of items (such as food items and pet supplies), extra care in delicate items and flexible delivery options. Businesses now expect this sort of service from 3PL’s to allow them to deliver amazing customer experiences.


These are some of the key trends we are seeing so far in 3PL and logistics, and no doubt more will begin to emerge as the year goes on. When choosing your 3PL partner it is important to choose a 3PL who understands your needs and can offer things such as personalisation and high-end technologies. Here at GNOC, we understand e-commerce needs and can help you grow your business. Fill out our form today here, explaining your business needs and we will get back in touch to discuss the best route for you today.


Post by Isobel Marriner
June 13, 2024