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The UK health, sports and nutrition market is continuing to thrive as we see a spike in a more health and fitness-conscious demographic. There has been a huge increase in the importance of nutrition as well as a love for the gym and sports since COVID19, and more of the British public are willing to spend their money on supplements, protein bars/ beverages and meal replacements.

If you own a health and nutrition business, your demand is likely to be increasing as the years go on, which can be incredibly difficult to keep up with, and this is where 3PL can come in very handy. Outsourcing your fulfilment may seem scary, as your products need extra attention and care when it comes to picking, packing, and shipping, and that’s why it is key to find a 3PL you can put your trust in.

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Why use a 3PL?

Using a 3PL may be the perfect option for your health and nutrition business as it allows you to focus more on other areas of your business, whilst leaving the order fulfilment to your chosen fulfilment provider. As the health and nutrition market grows, the number of orders may become too much to handle, and by partnering up with a 3PL, you can put your trust in the orders being sent out, fast and efficiently. At GNOC, we know how to handle demand spikes and we are ready to ship your orders out to your customers fast.

As the industry is constantly evolving, you may want to expand your range, and with this comes the need for more inventory space. Save costs on your warehouse by storing your stock at a 3PL warehouse. This means you never have to worry about running out of stock space and can constantly expand your range and explore new markets. The growth is endless.


Your focus

As your business grows, you want to be able to focus on the most important aspects of your business. For a health and nutrition business this may involve things such as constant consumer and scientific research into your products and the most popular health products on the market. Regular consumer research is what will set you apart from your competitors, as there are constantly new products on the market that customers are jumping to try.

Expanding your range regularly is also a key focus for health and nutrition businesses, whether this be exciting new flavours of protein, or even new supplements to improve health. It could even be an innovative idea to collab with other brands for limited edition ranges of your products. Whilst doing all of this, it's key to stay active on social media, promoting your products and working with fitness influencers. Your brand aspires to help people stay fit too, so it’s important you share regular content and advice to customers to build a community.

These are such key aspects of your company to focus on, and that’s why partnering up with a 3PL can allow you to focus on these areas to grow (and leave the boring stuff to us).


What is 3PL?

Third-party logistics is so simple to understand, as all it entails is using a third-party company to your stock and order fulfilment. You will store your products at their warehouse, and they will pick, pack, and ship your orders to your customers as soon as they come in. 3PL’s will take care of the logistics and will track your orders through integrations. Whether you sell on Shopify, Amazon or even TikTok, your orders will be sent out safely.

So, why not save on warehousing and staff costs? Take away all the stress that comes with logistics and warehousing and leave it to the experts.


Why to choose GNOC

When choosing a 3PL partner, it is important to choose a company you can put your full trust in. For health and nutrition businesses, it is key to stay on top of quality control for your products (tracking expiration dates and ensuring packaging is safely stored) and here at GNOC we can ensure this will be done for you, in order to keep your customers happy and safe.

We will get your orders shipped to your customers straight away, and ensure they are safely delivered, with our trusted couriers. We prioritise customer satisfaction for you, and we will ensure to handle your products with care when picking, packing, and then shipping.

We also understand that each company has different needs as well as audiences, and therefore we use a range of integration platforms, so wherever you may be selling your items (e.g., TikTok, Shopify, eBay) we can get those sent to your customers for you.

Why not enquire today…let us know your needs and we can get back to you and discuss how to move further. We would love to partner with you!


Post by Isobel Marriner
May 02, 2024