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Your customer service is the backbone to having a loyal and happy customer base and is one of the keyways to maintaining a good reputation. It is so important to make sure your customers feel valued, whether that be when they receive their order, or through acknowledging them via social media or customer queries.

Every business will face issues, and customers may come to you with difficult queries, but it is the way you handle these issues that can make your business so much better. This blogpost will dive into some of our top tips for improving your customer service and keeping your customers much happier.


Customers love personalisation when they receive products, whether this be a little thank you note or even a small extra gift inside. Customers love to feel valued and building a relationship with your customers can be the difference between you and your competitors. This can also be done on social media too, by replying to comments and staying engaged on your posts.

Personalisation is so important when it comes to communication with customers too, as they want to feel like they are speaking to a human. Always using your customers name and make sure to have a humanised tone when speaking to customers about their issues, as you want them to feel like they are being listened to.


Detailed Content Descriptions

In order to deal with fewer queries, or complaints, make sure your website/socials are jam packed with useful information on your products so customers can make an educational decision before buying from you.

Being as descriptive as possible on your product listings gives customers the chance to decide if your product is going to be suitable for them. Things like weight, height, sizing, colour, ingredients, where your product is made, washing instructions and any more information that is relevant to your product. Being as honest as possible in your descriptions makes you a more trustworthy and reputable brand.

Having a FAQ’s page can be so helpful, as customers may find everything they need to know on this page and can save them having to message your customer service team.


Take on Feedback

Something a lot of brands fail to do is listen to customer feedback, and this can be key to improving your business and building a better reputation. Your business should look at feedback as a learning opportunity and a place to grow, rather than as criticism. The feedback you receive from customers may be things you would usually overlook so it can be helpful to take it all in.

If your customers see you taking on feedback, they will feel valued and respect you as a business. As well as this, constantly improving your products and services will encourage growth and more customers choosing you over your competitors.


Improve your Fulfilment

Fulfilment should be a key priority for your business, as being able to ship your products out to customers fast and efficiently will keep them so much happier. Customers expect fast shipping and may decide to shop elsewhere if they aren’t offered fast or free shipping. Being able to offer next-day delivery, or free shipping may be the difference between you and your competitors.

It is also important that your orders are being shipped out correctly, with very little mistakes. Your reputation may be affected if your customers receive wrong or damaged items, so being able to have high picking accuracy is key, as well as using trusted couriers.

Being able to offer simple returns is another feature customers will look for when ordering from you. Try and offer convenient (and free if you can) returns for customers.

Outsourcing your fulfilment could be the best option for your business, as partnering up with a trusted 3PL allows you to be able to offer free, fast, and efficient shipping to your customers, as well as saving yourself warehouse space. 3PL can also be great for helping you sort returns, as all your integrations will be synced with your chosen 3PL, and they can keep track of this for you.


Choosing GNOC

Deciding to partner with a 3PL can really help your customer service, as your fulfilment will always be in trusted hands. Here at GNOC, we thrive in making sure your customers receive their items fast and correctly. You can keep your stock in our warehouse (saving you costs on warehousing and staff) and once your orders start to come in, our specialised warehouse team will accurately pick them and ship them to your customers (using our trusted couriers).

Improving your fulfilment by using a 3PL will have a knock-on effect on the number of customer service queries you receive too, as your customers will receive their orders fast and efficiently. Why not enquire today and find out exactly how GNOC can help your business grow.


Post by Isobel Marriner
May 24, 2024