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If you’re wanting to scale and grow your eCommerce business, then partnering with a 3PL may be the best solution for you. For those of you who don’t know what 3PL is, this blogpost will explain exactly what it is, and how it can help you achieve your business goals. In the fast-paced world of eCommerce, it is so important that your business keeps up with consumer trends, as well as offer fast shipping and be able to manage your stock correctly. This may seem very stressful, and this is exactly where 3pl comes in to save the day!


What is 3PL?

Third-party logistics is the process of outsourcing your fulfilment and logistics and letting a third-party company handle your stock at their warehouse. They will store, pick, pack and then ship your orders to your customers. This process will save your business time, and costs in both staffing and warehousing.

Here at GNOC, we use various integrations which allows you to sell on multiple channels (whether that be Amazon, Etsy, Shopify etc), and we can sync these channels using our technologies. This makes it easy for us to track your stock, sales and returns. Leave all of the logistics to us and give yourself more time to focus on other aspects of your business.


How can 3PL support growth?

There are various reasons that 3PL can help your business grow, and 3PL can be your biggest supporter when you are scaling your business at a fast rate.

Order fulfilment

One of the biggest contributors to sales when shopping online is delivery. 22% of online shoppers will abandon their cart because delivery is too slow or too expensive, and 65% of online shopping stated that 2-3 late deliveries would make them stop shopping somewhere. It is so difficult to keep up with the demand of orders, especially as you grow at a faster rate, and being able to offer such fast shipping can be costly and unpredictable. By having a 3PL do your shipping for you, you’re saving yourself costs and reducing the stress of trying to ship orders on time. 

Depending on your 3PL, you may be able to start shipping globally too and expanding your markets. Perhaps you are looking for totally new markets but do not want to relocate your business, and this can be done via 3PL. 3PL can help you deliver rapidly with the use of trusted couriers and transportation resources. The accuracy of 3PL leaves your customers happy and can help build more loyal customers.

Gain expertise and knowledge

Working with a 3PL like GNOC can help you gain so much expertise, as we have done it all before! We have years of experience in eCommerce and have worked with such a wide range of brands (even the smallest niches) and therefore know what will be best for your business. We are constantly here to help support you and help you grow. Working with 3PL can help give you closer insights on the supply chain and any issues that may come with it.

By having this knowledge and expertise, it will encourage your business to be able to grow and constantly be prepared for barriers you might face.

Gives you time to focus on other things

By leaving the logistics to us, you can begin to focus your time on other aspects of your business, like marketing, product design and innovation, retail stores or financing. These are all aspects to business that need close attention and care, and by having less to do when it comes to fulfilment, it gives you way more time to be able to focus on these things and grow at a faster rate.

It is so important to be keeping up with market and industry trends and ensure that you’re attracting new customers and beating any competitors you may have in your market. Market research is a very time-consuming process and something that you should prioritise.

Save you costs

Many smaller businesses do not have the necessary capital to run a warehouse, and even medium to larger size businesses may struggle to keep up with warehousing space and orders. By outsourcing your fulfilment and warehousing, you can save huge costs on your warehouse, staff, and shipping. These saved costs can be spent in other aspects of the business that will help your business grow faster.

By using a 3PL you know you don’t need to worry about warehouse space either. Here at GNOC, our warehouse is over 350,000 square feet, meaning there is so much room for businesses to grow.


Work with GNOC

GNOC could be your next trusted 3PL partner and we are here to help you grow and scale your business. Check out our website today to find out more!

By filling out our contact form and telling us your business needs, we can create the best plan for you to help your business grow.

For any more information on 3PL, read our blogpost here which dives into all things 3PL, but any questions you may have, contact us now.


Post by Isobel Marriner
May 15, 2024